Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Hi Everyone, I know I’ve been quiet for a long time. There’s been so much going on in the interwebs lately, and going on for me personally, that I’ve been waiting until now to do one big huge positive juju explosion blog!

We need more positive juju explosions!

I have some good news! I have lots of good news…Let me share some now.


Not just an agent, I am now represented by the lovely Laura Bradford of the Bradford Literary Agency who I kinda maybe have had a little (okay huge) writerly crush on since hearing her speak at the Romance Writers of Australia conference. Laura represents most of my favorite authors so to be included in this group is beyond amazing, humbling and such a huge honor.

It makes me feel like this;

And this;

Laura is representing Bad, which is a little different to what I’ve written in the past. Here is a tiny hint of a teaser I threw together to give you the idea.

Oh, and if you are an aspiring author, I really recommend you follow Laura on Twitter, she is one of the best agents for tweeting query advice!

But if this is not enough GOOD NEWS I have more!!

First; I have a beautiful cover for For His Protection!

Second; For His Protection is now on Goodreads and Amazon for Preorder!

And Third; I have a teaser for you!

P.S this is not a "how I got my agent blog." I know I used to blog writing and query tips, so if you would really like me to blog about the process, ask in comments and if a few people want that than I am happy to. 

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  1. This calls for cake and booze, but mostly booze.

  2. So super-amazingly-awesome that I've run out of adjectives to describe how happy I am for you!!! Yay!!

  3. yes I would love to hear about your journey to Laura Bradford.

  4. Wonderful news, Amber! And well deserved.
    Happy dancing for you now.

  5. Thanks so much guys!! it's all a little overwhelming :D

  6. Inspiring, congratulations! Can't wait until it happens to me...