Thursday, 5 March 2015


So, I guess this is the post I've always dreamed of making... Even though I've been sitting on this news for months I can barely type the words so I’ll just have to show you...

To say I’m excited to be joining the Harlequin Mira family is more than an understatement—and please excuse the cliché—it’s a total freaking dream!!

BAD (possibly to be released with a different title) will be hitting the ACTUAL shelves all around Australia later this year! I can’t give enough thanks to my incredible agent Laura Bradford who managed to juggle this multi-offer deal from the other side of the world, while on back-to-back conferences, she’s a superstar!

Also I must send out a huge thank you to Alex Adsett (have you seen her consulting services) for holding my hand when the world exploded into pure craziness and I was not yet represented.  Her advice and assistance was invaluable. Thank you Alex!

I know I've been sneaky and secret with this series, so here is a little teaser to give you the idea. It’s not like the other books I've written, so please be warned...This is darker, dirtier, and sure to give you palpitations.

What do you all think?

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  1. Holy wow. So happy and proud for you Amber. I hope their out in time for FYM so I can have a real book of yours to get your autograph xxx

  2. Wonderful news Amber - the 'real' shelves are so very exciting - I can understand completely! Congratulations.