Monday, 17 June 2013

Query and Blurb Workshop Week!

I've been thinking of doing something for a while. Y'all seem to like it when I blog queries and blurbs. I kinda get that from your feedback and bloggers stats—hint taken!

It can be really hard finding good critique and advice when it comes to queries and blurbs. Even those who have craft nailed often get stuck when it comes to this. The stinker is many agents will make requests based solely on a query letter. So no matter how good your writing is its something that must be mastered if you want to take the traditional publishing route. If you're Self-Publishing then the blurb sells your work and you need it to shine.

So this week I'm having an open query/blurb workshop. All you need to do is comment on this blog post and let me know what you want help with. You can comment with a question, something you're stuck on, anything really and I'll do my best to answer.

If you're willing to put your blurb or query up publicly for critique, I'll give one person a critique of either a blurb or query, so go ahead and post that too. I'll be picking based on who I think I can be most constructively helpful to and announce the winner next Monday. There's a week to enter! This is open to all followers of my Blog. Make sure you include a method of contact in your comment so I can let you know if you're chosen.

Of course all opinions are my own, gained via obsessive stalking researching of Agents and Editors, and various workshops. But even after so much research the most helpful thing for my own learning process has been good critique from people who know what they are talking about.
I'm so grateful I've had people to show me the ropes. So please start your questions!


  1. I'd like to know what exactly to include in a Query Letter? There's so much conflicting info. I just want to know what to put in and what not to put in.

  2. Hi Bettina,

    I'll write up a bit of a post on Query format and inclusions, as its a biggy :)I'll put it up in a day or two.