Friday, 11 October 2013

Sexy Little Things and Setting a Mood

So while I've been very quiet for a while all I’m going to say about that is WATCH THIS SPACE—you’ll find out soon enough.

Today I have something extra special for you—trust me you’ll like. Lately I have been submerged, and I mean submerged in romance. I’ve always loved romance novels. From the time I was an early teen I've had a ravenous hunger for every genre of romance. Why? I’m not sure, not just an escape, maybe because it offers something missing in real life—the extravagance, the fantasy, the warm tingly feelings you can get anytime you open a book.

But what about real life? Don’t we deserve something extra special in real-life too?  

Except I know myself with work and family, it’s easy to forget the little things that make the difference—like remembering to shave my legs… In the last few weeks I’ve found some pretty, sexy little things that just make my romantic little heart quiver. Because I'm visual, sensory, and completely unashamedly quixotic little soul.

And aren't most of us romance lovers?

While ‘things’ may not be the solution to everything, there are some things that sure can help us set the mood and help elevate our stressed, worn out minds to that floaty romantic space. It can be as simple as a scent that  changes the environment, a song that takes us back to a nostalgic romantic place, or a ritual that reminds us to simply make time for ourselves—a tiny little luxury that makes a night special.

So here are some of my most favorite new finds to help set a mood to create a little magic in real life.

  •    The scent of love

Café Buttercream Cupcake from Circa Home

Scent is a powerful thing—there’s a reason those real-estate agents tell us to bake cookies or bread before an open house. It can change the way we feel, comfort us, even make us feel sexy. There are many options, room sprays, diffusers, essential oils,  and it comes down to personal choice, but my very favorite thing for changing a mood is a scented candle. And just look at this one—isn’t it just gorgeous? It’s a delectable scent with the advantage of creating ambient lighting. Nothing like a little soft candlelight to make things romantic.

  •        Immersed in love

Falling In Love Romantic Scented Body Cream SEPHORA

A private little ritual as simple as applying a body cream can help make a night feel special. Not to mention adds a layer of sensory appeal with soft, sexy smelling skin. Also maybe in my case, I could always start by breaking out the razor ;P

  •    The feel of love

Between The Sheet’s Spray by Pure Romance

Now remember when we talked about sensory? There’s something super sexy about sliding between clean delicious sheets.  This spray not only gives sheets a satiny feel, it refreshes them and provides a light scent. You can even use it for that fresh sheet feel between washes.

  •    The sound of love

The Awakening by James Morrison buy it on iTunes

Music cliché I know but it is for good reason. Music can be transporting.  For romance I just can’t go past James Morrison. Do yourself a favor and go buy his album, its beautiful.

  •        The look of love

Magic Lubricant by Victoria Secret

Sometimes the pure aesthetic of a product can make it more appealing, and more romantic. I’ve always thought of lube as an embarrassing product to be snuck into the supermarket trolley, and then hidden under the socks at home.
Who knew it could be such a pretty little thing? It’s certainly changes the way I view lubricant as a product.  I love it that products like this are being made for woman, helping us own our sexuality. It’s a little empowering really.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite sexy little things. At the end of the day you don’t need to ‘buy’ anything to achieve the result. It’s about shifting into a different head space, creating a special moment—one that works for you. 

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  1. What a great little list and so true, it is easy to miss the little things that work so well to form that romantic feeling. Thank you!