Tuesday, 9 July 2013

When things were AWESOME

My kids had time off childcare and maybe I went a little cray-cray. Okay I did, I admit it. Not because I actually had to look after them and still run my business, I just wanted the time to be special. I took my four year old to the movies, we did crafts, cooked together and watched ALL THE DVD'S!

But after a few days I knew if I had to watch one more plot-less computer animated barbie/fairy/animal/insect movie the DVD player would get acquainted with my meat-mallet. Where was all the awesomeness that I grew up with? Where was Home Alone, The Labyrinth, Homeward Bound, and all the good kids shows? I have a daughter, isn't it like my duty to impose the awesomeness of my youth on her?

So I started getting everything I remember... I mean everything from the eighties and nineties. I was so excited to watch these gems with my daughter... Then I realised most of what I'd gotten wasn't actually that appropriate for a four year old. Case-in-point The Dark Crystal. Awesome, but pretty freaking scary and messed-up. 

I started to see that actually I just wanted to watch these things myself. For the first time in years I'd thought about my life growing up. Really thought about it. What I played with, what was happening in the world. These days we're so engrossed in popular culture it's almost as though the past has been eradicated. Our information comes to us electronically and instantly. We need to know now, are interested in the latest, the most popular. We watch shows about families of celebrities famous for being well—celebrities, while they...err what are they doing? I think I saw them get an ass X-ray once...
Where was I? Oh that's right, I was reminiscing. I miss the old days. So here are a few things that remind me of my youth. This was fun.

What we wore

For me childhood looks like scrunches, leggings, bodysuits (cos every six year old wants to wear tops that button at the crouch right?), hats, and more denim than should ever be worn...
I was going to use a picture of myself as a kid in full denim, but then I remembered there are federal and international laws against using images of minors for illicit purposes-like fashion crime!

The song we sung over, and over again

This is one that was much abused by my sister and I.
What we watched



What we did

and this

What does your childhood look like? Comment or better yet, leave a link to your own flashback blog post!

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  1. Actually, my kids have seen all those movies and more, but then you know we are a zombie hunting wierd bunch. So much better material for kids movies back then. Also, kids weren't as jaded as now.

    1. Of course your kids have! But it's in their blood so I think they'd get more scared if someone forced them to watch Barbie Swanlake lol

      Although CR did watch Labyrinth and insisted she was not scared and that she liked it. I was a little worried about her getting ideas about the baby taking-could see that clock ticking...