Tuesday, 13 August 2013

3 Magic Travel Packing Tricks

I’m going to RWA Fremantle this weekend! I’m so excited! But…I’m not a frequent traveler. Last time I went away I packed three large suitcases and a large toiletries case.

No? This isn’t efficient?

Well I did learn! Also maybe I obsessed about it just a little... So please enjoy my tips for packing luggage.

1. Bag it. So we’ve all seen those roll up luggage Spacebags right? Yeah they work and save heaps of room in your bag but know what? You can actually use jumbo Glad Snap Lock bags for smaller items like underwear. Simply place the clothing inside and zip up the bag leaving one corner open—then roll it tightly and do up the remainder of the ziplock! Done. Budget Spacebag! Also I’m a little OCD on the Zip bags and will use them for everything.

Travel Tips

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2. Plan your outfits. I know I know right. But I mean it. Plan what you’re going to wear every-single-day and pack nothing you don’t need. Plan to mix and match.

Luggage Tips

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3. Magic shoe organizers. Most hotel rooms have tiny bathrooms and nowhere to put your toiletries—if you’re like me and must bring your own hair products, sunscreen, moisturizer… and everything, an over the door shoe organizer with clear pockets hooked over the back of the door can hold all your toiletries and odds and ends for you to find at a glance!

Luggage organised!

Was this helpful? Got any Travel Tips?

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