Tuesday, 20 August 2013

6 Cheats To Revolutionize Your Kitchen

I've resolved to be more organised. As you know I like my domestic shortcuts and organisation is no exception. So here are 6 cheats I use to save time and space in the kitchen.

1. Read that magazine recipe.
Those wily editors managed to make trying to follow a magazine recipe like some kind of kitchen gymnastics. It's pretty much impossible to hold a magazine open and cook something. Just hang it from a pants hanger and it will not only stay open but you can read it at eye level. Coat hangers are magic multipurpose tools!

2. Keep knives away from fingers.

Ever stuck your hand in a draw and–ouch! Yep, not so great when there are kids around. Hang a metallic strip to keep knives away from fingers and have them close by for quick chopping. You'll never have to search for your knife again and they'll stay sharper for longer.

3. Store Frypans vertically in their original box!
This one came from my mother. Never throw away the box your frypan came in! Just fold in the edge and slide it vertically. Not only will your frypans be neat, organised, and easily accessible, but they won't scratch. Winning!

4. Actually find measuring cups where you need them.
My measuring cups have always been sacrificed to the utensil draw of no escape. It's only possible to find a quarter cup when I need a half cup, and never ever possible to find a quarter cup when I actually need one. And really why not keep them where they're actually needed—with the baking products. I now have them hanging (yep on another hanger) clipped to the bottom of the spice rack. I'll always find the cup I need where it needs to be.

5. Make use of dead space.
That space at the top of a deep shelf is dead-dead-dead. Worse, all your things are balanced precariously on-top of one another. Seize that space by making use of a hanging shelf. This wire one was a few dollars from Store.

6.No more soggy stinky cloths.

Don't know about you but my clothes turn into soggy, stinky, bacteria filled messes almost instantly. I need to change them every other day. Keep them dry and clean by pegging them to your dish rack. I've seen lots of people suggest using bulldog clips and them balancing them on the clip handles but really—that's gimmicky and not practical. Because can you imagine how often you are going to knock over that cloth? Do these people have kids? A peg is easy and will stay put.

That's it for my Kitchen Organisation Cheats. Please do let me know if these are helpful or if you have your own!

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1 comment:

  1. Great tips, thanks Amber! I'm a culinary disaster waiting to happen in the kitchen, so I appreciate all the cheats I can get. Love the magazine holder idea especially, I'll definitely be trying that next time I try a recipe - except my creations NEVER look as good as the ones in magazines. Sigh. :)