Monday 27 January 2014

GIVEAWAY! For Her Protection Cover Reveal

Charlize Halifax has a big last name and even bigger duty to uphold. Left to pick up the pieces of her family’s haemorrhaging Communications Empire, there’s no time for distractions. But when her take-no-prisoners management style lands her in physical danger, distraction arrives in the form of infuriating body guard Connor Crowe.

Having crossed swords with him that very morning, she knows a man who thinks he can push her around has no place in her life—especially when his cave man heroics kick her libido into hyper drive.

Yet when the threat to Charlize’s safety becomes outright attack, she knows there’s only one man she’d trust with her life.

Resisting Connor’s intrusion into her life is easy, denying his affect on her body, now that’s another thing...



  1. Congratulations Amber - fantastic cover! :)

  2. Huge congratulations, so thrilled to see your name on that cover :)

  3. The cover is very hot! can't wait to read :-)

  4. Ahh! How did I not know there was a cover already? And a reveal?! Well, I know now and I'm loving it. It's added to my Goodreads pile of TBR's!