Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hashtags all aspiring writers should know

Using Hashtags correctly enables you not only to connect with other writers and industry experts, but to find and filter information.  

There are hundreds of Hashtags. If you have been connecting with other writers you have probably seen #amwriting and #writetip floating around.  They are both very useful, but there are some others that may help you on your way if you are serious about finding an agent or getting published. Following agent Hashtags will help you improve your querying, get to know agents you want to query, and may occasionally offer opportunities to pitch to agents.

Agent/Publisher Hashtags
Agents usually announce when they will be open on this Hashtag so monitor it regularly and follow agents who use it. It is a unique opportunity to ask all the agent question's you have wondered about.  

Agents tweet ten queries from their slushpile. Useful stuff, especially if it is an agent you are planning to query.

#Querytip #Query
Agents offer Query tips as they come to mind. These are often humorous or sarcastic.


Agents from Corvisiero Literary Agency often tweet their slushpile on this hashtag 

Pitching Opportunities
Keep an eye out for #pitch Hashtags. Pitching opportunities have occurred in the past with Hashtags such as #PitchMadness, #Pitchwars, #Pitchon

Useful Hashtags for connecting with Writers
#MGLit (Middle Grade Lit)
#RWA (Romance Writers of America)

Hashtags for Writing Information and Tips

Blogging Hashtags
These are just to name a few! It I have missed any out in the Agent/Query/Pitch Hashtags please comment and I will try to keep this list current.

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  1. I love those hashtags when I get the opportunity to jump on twitter. Learned quite a few things about agents, what they like and don't like, that they are just people and often fun to chat with.

  2. T.J Thanks so much for your comment. I love them too. I have a few more I will add to it. I have learnt so much since using them :)

  3. Thanks for this post! I recently joined Twitter and it's really helpful to have this spelled out for me. :)

    New to your blog, btw. Nice to meet you!

    ~Susan @ The Feather and the Rose

  4. Your welcome! I am so glad you found it helpful.