Wednesday, 16 January 2013

One Lovely Blog!

I’ve been tagged in the One Lovely Blog Award, by the one lovely Cassandra Page  This is an award that writers give to each other, so I am honored to have received it!

The Rules
·        You must share seven things about yourself
·        You must pass the award to seven other bloggers

So here are seven things about me you may not know
1. I started reading romance novels (Julia Garwood & Johanna Lindsey), at the ripe-old age of eleven. Yeah, it was widely inappropriate and I learnt much more about sex from them than I ever did from sex ed. Perhaps I can blame them for my warped quixotic mind? However, I have those books to thank for my love of reading, my desire to write, and my obsession for romance.
2. I started writing when I was in a drug-induced stupor. Not as bad as it sounds people. Legal, and medically required drugs. I have always wanted to write I just never believed I could. I always had a writer's brain but it wasn't until a year ago when I was ill and had way too much cough syrup, that I actually had the nerve to write something down.
3. I am a wearer of many hats. Mother of a baby and a toddler, a graphic/web designer, business owner, housewife, writer, blogger, reviewer, and I am still technically employed in my government job.
4. I am terrified of public speaking. I can deal with nearly any emergency situation with grace and ease, but stand me up on front of a crowd and I shake like a leaf. Not so good if you want to pitch your MS to agents and conferences! I will work on that.
5. As a child I suffered from learning difficulties. Ironic since I grew to excel at learning as an adult. I attribute it to the bulling I encountered in my early years. To me it is tangible proof of how a child's environment can affect all aspects of their life and development.  
6. I am a chronic Yo-Yo dieter! Enough said.
7. If I couldn't be a writer my dream would be to run a fabulous online matchmaking service. I love online dating. Yes, I am married so I can't use it myself, but I love interfering in the love-life of others helping my single friends browse profiles. See, quixotic mind and romance obsession.
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  1. Thanks for the follow!

    Lisa from I Feel So Unnecessary

  2. Omg, I started reading romance novels in Grade 7! And Julie Garwood was SO a favourite (I still have Honor's Splendour, sigh, Duncan...). Also, I would take a bullet in the leg before getting up in front of a crowd to speak (it's why I got married in a foreign country). Thanks for including me, Amber, it's fascinating to see how we all tick, eh?

    1. I still have all my Julie Garwoods :) Smart choice with the wedding, I nearly passed out walking down the isle. My sister (maid of honor) thought she would have to catch me during the vows. lol

  3. Hello sweetie,am your newest follower. I found you on bsn.
    Btw, if you have time, hop by at my blog and follow back :)))))

    keep in touch, Chi


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is lovely. :)

  4. Thanks Amber. I can't wait to complete my 7 things. Thanks for the tag.

  5. Thanks for the tag Amber. Love your 7 things. I can't wait to complete mine.